My Secret Crush, Continued.

The other day, I stepped into my local secondhand bookstore (never a good idea) and emerged with two more books to add to the collection:

The Getting of Wisdom by Henry Handel Richardson, from 1960, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents ‘My Favourites In Suspense’ from 1959.

As a huge Hitchcock fan (heck, I did an entire subject on him at University), this was a massive coup. Made so because I didn’t even know the book existed. Yes, after an entire Semester spent on the one man, I didn’t know this book existed. And of all the secondhand bookstores, in all the world, his book happened to sit on a shelf in mine.

Fate? I like to think so.

I will be taking Hitchcock’s personal advice prior to starting the suspenseful collection, “When you begin reading, may I suggest you choose a time when you are alone in the house. If there are people there, get rid of them.”

And if, and most likely when, I get too freaked out, I’ll put Rear Window into the DVD player and relax. Because, while it may be slightly suspenseful, it’s one of the most beautiful films ever made.

To me.

One thought on “My Secret Crush, Continued.

  1. I hope Hitchcock’s advice of “If there are people there, get rid of them” means just asking them nicely to leave the room! #andnothingmoresinister!

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