Give Me The City That Never Sleeps.

give me the city that never sleeps

with its constant buzz and grimy bars 

the one we end up strewn across

from hotel lobbies to unnamed cars 

i don’t need to scream 

make me forget how to breathe instead

tangle your fingers through my hair

enmesh yourself in my bed

drink me in, the way you do a good red wine

slowly, at first, just one sip 

let the crushed grape linger on the back of your tongue

then hold it there and feel the bite against your lip 

you crave kisses by the truckload

you know i long for them too 

the nape of my neck, the curve on your chest 

i’ll never stop devouring you 

you love my pure heart

you want my dirty mind

come home to them both and tempt fate

it’s only in seeking that you may find 

Give Me What I Crave.

give me what i crave⁣

those hands in my hair ⁣

force me against the wall⁣

your heart beating bare

⁣i want that delicate balance ⁣

your fingerprints covering my skin ⁣

yet wrap me in your arms ⁣

in your lips, your grip, your sin ⁣

take me, silently, break me, tenderly⁣

until your kisses erase my scars ⁣

bruise my lips, devour me whole ⁣

show me what it means to see stars⁣

i might have my demons⁣

and you might have yours too ⁣

but mine are far more trouble⁣

because all my demons look like you⁣

A Great Perhaps.

the poet spoke seven last words ⁣
“i go to seek a great perhaps”⁣
but i don’t want to wait until i die ⁣
when it’s time to join the birds⁣
to start seeking a great perhaps⁣
to finally feel like i can fly⁣
i want to feel this life while i’m in it⁣
uncaged, vibrant, brutally conscious, free⁣
perhaps ⁣
oh what a word⁣
filled with so much possibility ⁣
is an uncomfortable place ⁣
but what a place to be⁣
true ⁣
it’s the life for me⁣
perhaps ⁣
there’s nowhere i’d rather be 

Love Me Reckless.

grab my hair

like you grabbed my heart

forcefully, with both fists

slide your hands down

my back, my hips

soak me in

those lips, your fingertips

i want it

the tornado of your love

gripped to my curves

take me, flood me, break me

don’t love me tenderly

love me reckless

render me breathless

My Pick of Pretty Homewares

Earlier this month, the folks at Freedom Australia asked me to share a few of my favourite picks from their current collection on their Facebook Page. And so I thought I’d share them with you, as well – because who doesn’t love pretty home wares?

Sandi Sieger Freedom AustraliaSandi Sieger, a writer from Melbourne and the Editor-In-Chief of Onya Magazine shares her top Freedom picks.

1. I’ve been looking for a comfortable, functional chair for a while, but one that also adds a bit of colour to my bedroom. This looks like the perfect fit – bright, classic, and a little bit retro. Love.

2. I love wall prints and I love New York. I’m pretty sure this map was made to hang above my desk. Thank you, Freedom.

3. I am truly obsessed with this rug. I’m expecting my first baby next May and this will be on the nursery floor.

4. I’ve just bought some new crisp white bed linen and it’s calling for some colour and life – these lucid cushions are truly gorgeous.

5. I love the Deckhaus Planter. I can always, always do with more in the backyard.


When 2011 ticked over into 2012, I hadn’t given much thought to what I wanted to achieve in the new year. More of the same, perhaps?

It was only after a refreshing and relaxing break in South Australia last week that I really gained some perspective and narrowed down some points for the year ahead.

But they’re not really that narrow. Some of them are simply extensions on wishes made in 2011 – but they’re all things I want to extend upon, or do more of. And they’ll all make for a splendid 2012.

Write more.

Read more.

Go back to using a real diary. One that I write in, and scribble on, and schedule appointments in.

Last week, I visited The Cedars – the former home of artist Hans Heysen in the Adelaide Hills – and the preservation of his notebooks, and sketches, and scraps of paper made me realise that the digital age doesn’t allow for the kind of footprint and relics that get framed in galleries, or passed onto grandchildren. So much of the good stuff is found in the scribbles on pages, or amongst the thoughts jotted hurriedly across paper.

Whenever I go through an old diary of my own, I remember the appointments and evenings as though they happened only days ago. I can’t say the same for iCal. I want to look back on my 2012 diary in 30 years and remember.

Take more photographs.

Give more time to the friends that deserve it, less to people that don’t.

Be more honest. With people that need to hear the truth. With people asking for favours that end up turning into nuisances.

Continue to build, grow and explode Onya Magazine (no, I don’t mean expand, I mean explode).

Be firm, or;

Start and develop a new literary project with my friend, Liv.

See more of Australia. Explore places I’ve never been to. Drive along the coast. Stop in country towns. Feel sand between my toes. Rub red dust off my face.

Cement White Echo as the best social and digital media agency in Australia. I’m very proud of the work that we do and how we do it with a difference.

Learn to stop fretting about imperfections. They are often where the real beauty lies.

Blog more.

Purchase more items and produce made in Australia, less made elsewhere.

Build on my fitness. Continue to run. Get faster. Go to bikram yoga. Climb the 1000 steps.

Complete the 10km course at Run Melbourne in July. And try my hand at more after that.

Take advantage of every good offer that comes my way.

Laugh, love and be even more positive.

In 2011, I Resolve To…

I don’t set goals. I don’t see the point in thinking about what I’d like to achieve and how I’d like to get there – I’d rather start acting upon the things I want to do and working towards the place I’d like to be.

I recently read, in What I Wish I Knew At Eighteen by Marty Wilson and Daniel Gregory, this quote from Ken Roberts:

“Do not have goals – they’re too limiting! My career has taught me that things work out much better than I would ever have been audacious enough to ask or pray for. Just do what you love and see what unfolds.”

Those words speak to the very core of me. I have no idea how this blog post will end, let alone my life. I don’t plan articles. I never once used an essay plan in high school. I started a business with no business plan. I certainly don’t plan any part of my personal life. It’s just too boring to do so.

But it seems, now, early in January 2011, that a lot of people are planning their goals. And thinking about what they’d like to achieve from this New Year. Resolving to do things. And I’ve no problem with that. There’s something refreshing and promising and hopeful about a New Year.

And whilst I may not set goals, I do like to reflect. And resolve to do things.

So, in 2011, I resolve to:

  • Only spend time with people I like. Somewhere, between Primary School and growing up, we manage to accumulate an android phone bursting with contact details of people we don’t actually like. I’m not interested in spending time with those people any more. Harsh? Perhaps. But life’s short, and I don’t intend to waste it on people that I don’t like. There’s too many people in the world that I love, and I’d rather spend my time with them.
  • Write. A lot.
  • Take lots of photos. And then some more. And then even more.
  • Work, work, work.
  • Actually plan some things; day trips, mini breaks, a trip to New York, catch-ups with the people I like, adventures.
  • Read. A book a week. At least.
  • Keep a memories box. I did this for a number of years when I was younger, and looking back through them after time has passed is an exciting re-discovery – each item kept triggers a memory or an emotion. And that’s definitely worth the shelf space the box requires.
  • Be me – unapologetically, wholeheartedly, and with so much gumption my ponytail will emit sparks, like a firecracker.