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Sandi Sieger started writing when she was six years old. She has the first journal she ever wrote in, which declared, ‘When I grow up I want to be a writer,’ and included sentiments such as, ‘If some kid ever beat me in a running race, I’d probably bash them up.’

Sandi is now a writer and content producer based in Melbourne. She is the Director and Editor-In-Chief of Onya Magazine, an online Australian lifestyle magazine she founded in 2009, as well as a Forbes Travel Guide Correspondent. In 2011, Sandi founded The Melbourne Writers’ Club.

When not writing, editing or Instagramming her adventures, Sandi can be found co-ordinating Camp Awakenings, a personal development program for Australian teenagers. She is the President of Camp Awakenings Inc. and also on the board of the Yarra River Business Association. Sandi was recently named one of Melbourne’s ‘Most Influential People’.

Sandi plans to remain blissfully content, rebellious and passionate for her entire life. She is not usually very far away from her iPhones (yes, plural) and Moleskine notebooks (yes, plural). She loves seeing ink marks around her forefinger and has a terrible habit of making lists.

Sandi lives in the Dandenong Ranges with her husband, son and two chow chows.

Sandi is available for the following services: copywriting, content creation, editing, speaking engagements, coffee dates and anything involving a hint of adventure. You can email her on sandi@sandisieger.com

For all Onya Magazine related correspondence, contact her on sandi@onyamagazine.com

To follow her on Twitter, visit twitter.com/SandiSieger and twitter.com/OnyaMag.

To follow her on Facebook, visit facebook.com/SandiSieger and facebook.com/OnyaMagazine.

To check out her breakfast, visit instagram.com/SandiSieger and instagram.com/OnyaMag.

6 thoughts on “About & Contact

  1. Hey Sandi – I’d love to learn more about Onya Magazine! Are you seeking contributing writers, or expanding the editorial team in the near future? I’d love to learn more!

    Riley Wilson

    Portfolio: clippings.me/rileywilson

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