Being In The Thick Of It.

It was halfway through a Paul Kelly tribute concert at The Forum in Melbourne when the title of this blog came to me. I had only decided to start blogging again, to start something new entirely from scratch, a week or two prior to the concert. I hadn’t given much thought to what I’d call my blog, let alone what the content of it would be, but I was conscious of coming up with something that perfectly summarised me, and it.

And so, precisely when Bob Evans was singing an exceptional cover of From St Kilda to Kings Cross, and the crowd was swaying and humming in peaceful unity, I realised something – that I love being in the thick of it. Right in the thick of it. Standing in General Admission, a mere metre or two from the stage, is exactly where I wanted to be, and always do.

People can keep their box seats, and their VIP passes — I want to be in the thick of it. At a music concert. Or a football game. And anywhere in life, or in between.

I want to feel it. See it. Smell it. Soak in the sweat of it. Right there, amongst it all.

Much like Paul Kelly happily giving Sydney away – the harbour and all that water – in exchange for Melbourne’s sweet promenade in From St Kilda to Kings Cross, I too am happy to give up what is bigger, or seemingly more important, or fancier, or prestigious, for what is much sweeter, kinder and simpler. For what resonates most with me.

So there, in between a few song lyrics and some chords strummed on a guitar, the name for this blog came to me. And I knew it was a perfect way to describe exactly what I love, and who I am.

In The Thick Of It will be nothing more than my work, writing, photography, ambitions, ideas and musings laid bare for all to see. But it will be nothing less than sweet, kind and simple. For I like soaking, and being in the thick of, nothing less.

3 thoughts on “Being In The Thick Of It.

  1. Hi Sandy. I like your blog, especially as it’s obviously from a creative being :-). We’ve just started a website (Mudboard) here in Melbs for people to share (or sell) their creativity – stuff such as writing, photos, short films, music etc.. Would be great if you could check it out and give us some feedback. Hopefully it isnpires you further to carry on with your blog 🙂

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