Underrated Carnations.

Carnations get a bad wrap. So many people think of them as the common flower, as the boring flower, as the meaningless flower.

But they’re not.

They actually mean ‘Flower of the God’ or ‘Flower of Love’.

They smell like sweet cloves and brighten up any room. And they are so pretty, and ruffly.

And they last for such a long, long time.

My husband brought carnations home last night. Because I was feeling sick, with a cold.

And they have brightened up the room, and smell sweet, and look so pretty and ruffly.

2 thoughts on “Underrated Carnations.

  1. Oh that is so sweet!!! I hope you feel better soon too. And, I have to agree with you they are definitely underrated as they also come in so many colours and variations too that adds to their charm.

  2. I grew up surrounded by carnations – my Mum was a mad gardener and I always remember carnations abloom in our front and backyard in all colours. Now I always bring my Mum carnations – they are definitely the “flower of love”!

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