The Melbourne Writers’ Club.

I’ve decided to start a Melbourne Writers’ Club. A monthly, engaging, supportive place for writers to gather, have a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, network, share ideas and stories and keep up to date with industry news.

I love spending time with like-minded people. I love listening to people and learning about them, and from them. And I love writing, and anything that encourages it.

I also love the idea of being in a club. Because, let’s face it, as you get older, unless you play a team sport or are a parent, the chance of you belonging to a club is zero to none.

And I don’t mean being a member of a club – we’re all in on those – whether it’s our footy team, or gym, or workplace, or a committee of some sort. I mean being a part of a club. One that isn’t virtual. Or ad hoc. A club that meets, face to face, on the first Tuesday of each month, or something wonderfully lovely like that. One where each member feels a part of something special because they are the only members. And it has nothing to do with exclusivity – but rather the melding of a common love and a talent and a desire to do something with it. A desire to grow, learn, be better. Share, support and laugh.

Yes, I love the idea of a club.

The Melbourne Writers’ Club.

That’s what it’s going to be called.

And it’s going to be magic.

Perhaps I should create a secret club handshake? Or a codeword? Personalised pens? Maybe purchase a Tiffany key to adorn a chain each member must wear…actually, perhaps not.

28 thoughts on “The Melbourne Writers’ Club.

  1. I found that too. Before I knew it, I had an army of excited wine-swilling writers wanting to catch up for our Sydney Writers’ Club (the big sister of the Melbourne branch – ha!). Brace yourself for a potential hangover the next day. The initial excitement may be too much x

    1. Yes, most definitely!

      I haven’t organised a venue yet, but I’ll email you with the details when I send out the first club email. (I have your email address from the comment field.)

      Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi Sandi,
    I am staying a Melbourne for a few months from June and looking to join a writing club during my stay. Will you consider an AWOL pomme?!

  3. Hi. I love reading and writing and this club looks delicious:) I don’t have any experience writingand have never been to one of these meetings before would that be ok?

  4. Well well!
    This looks like a club founded for all the right (write?) reasons!
    Might I inquire as to your next meeting?

  5. Hi Sandi, just checking to see if this is still on? Is this a writers club for published writers only?
    Was hoping to possibly join in. Cheers, Aditya

  6. hi there this looks good, i am in the bayside area tho. where is the club and do u have to be published?

    1. Hi Laura,

      We meet at Honey in South Melbourne – so not far at all. You don’t have to be published in any sense – you just have to enjoy writing! Hope to see you at our next meet up on April 1st.

  7. Haha please ignore my last comment…although I can write,I obviously have some difficulty reading!!! (that’s what editors are for!!)

    When is the next meeting? Is there an age group?

    1. Hi Rita,

      There is no age group and meetings are on the first Monday of every month. Please click on either the Facebook or Twitter links above to keep up to date with monthly meetings, guests etc.


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