Sometimes You’ve Got To Leap. Just Because.

Sometimes in life, you’ve got to leap. Into the unknown. Into something new. Sometimes, into someone new.

That might mean slowing down.

Or speeding up.

It might mean spending less time out, and more time in.

Working harder.

Or working less.

It could mean breaking away.

Changing the mould.

Spending less time with people you always have, and more time with people you’ve always wanted to.

Branching out.

Doing what you want to do.

Sometimes, you’ve got to draw a line in the sand.

Change the way you act.


And are.

Become someone who hunts for what they want.

Lives for what they love.

Someone that chooses the hard road.

Someone that pushes the boundaries.

Someone that adds fuel to the fire.

Someone that gets it.

Wants it.

Finds it.

Just because.

Just because you don’t want to be that kind of person.

The kind that never branch out.

Never think differently.

Do the same thing.

Run the same race.

The kind that never push the boundaries.

That never want for more than what they know.

The kind that cower, not hunt.

Choose the easy road.

Have a thirst for nothing.

That just don’t get it.

Sometimes, it’s easier being that kind of person.




But it’s also mind-numbingly boring.

Devoid of personality and individuality.

Bereft of good and honest people.

Sometimes, you’ve got to be the other person.

That leaps.



Someone who makes it.

In your own way.

On your own terms.

Just because.

Image featuring my superstar friend Liv Hambrett, taken from A Big Life.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes You’ve Got To Leap. Just Because.

  1. So many of your posts hit the nail on the head Sandi. Love this and will keep referring to it to help me stay on track. 😉 xx

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