It’s Not Often Enough…

It’s not often enough, in amongst the daily grind, and the busy-ness, and the rush, and the hopping between text messages and email bings and Twitter notifications, and the running to and from, and the endless pursuit of ticking things off the to-do list, and the driving here and there, listening to ads screeching through the radio, and the beeping and the ringing, and the reorganising and the scheduling, and the managing and the planning, that we sit back, truly sit back, and realise, recognise, how good this life is.

How wonderfully, beautifully, incredibly good it all is.

And it is.

It’s so, so good.

2 thoughts on “It’s Not Often Enough…

  1. Oh Sandi. I just adore you, you know that?

    You are such a wise, beautiful and grounded woman who is centred in what is really important in life. You are a beacon to all, to remind us when we forget, what living is all about.

    You should put this into a quote image. I would certainly stick it up on my desk. Actually, I can see a range of Sandi Sieger ‘In the Thick of It’ quotes. Take them straight to Zazzle.

    Mwah X

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