My Son

My son

I’m sitting up, in bed at hospital, looking at my husband sleeping to my left, and I’m smiling.

My husband’s arms are thrown upwards, escaping the sheets, wrapped around his head. He’s in a deep sleep and his handsome face is full of peace.

It’s the exact same image I was greeted with only half an hour earlier when I went to feed my son.

My son.

My beautiful, peaceful, joyful son.

Two days ago, our little man entered the world, and life changed. I’ve never loved anything so much, so quickly, with so much intensity. And, as each hour passes, I can’t believe how much further in love I fall. How much more my heart swells. How much stronger I grow. I’m in awe of him.

A friend sent me a text message tonight and wrote that despite my ability for writing, and my husband’s talent in music, our son was most certainly the best thing we’ve ever produced. And I can’t help but agree.

He’s the product of almost twelve years of love, laughter and friendship. Staring at him, I almost don’t believe he’s real. But then I see my husband’s expression across his face, and I know he is. I see my nephew in him, my brother, myself. And I realise that he’s more than real; he’s ours and we made him.

And I get lost for words. I lose myself in his face.

My son.

Our son.

The best thing we’ve ever produced.

I’m besotted.

7 thoughts on “My Son

  1. Ahhh so amazing and so happy for you.
    Awhile away from having my own and cant wait to feel this feeling.

  2. It’s pretty amazing to think you made a person! And a pretty cute one at that!!!
    You don’t realize how such a small person can make you feel so many emotions at once! And when you have more kids your not sure if there’s enough love to go around, because you love the one you have so much!!!
    Enjoy the ride, parenting is a roller coaster! Baby stage is by far my fav part but it flys by very quickly so savor every second!
    Congratulations!!!! xoxo

    1. Thank you sooooooooooo much, Stacy! It’s absolutely amazing, I’m completely in love with him. Everyone says it just flys by, so I’m going to try and treasure every second! x

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