Miranda Kerr – It’s Not Her, It’s Us

First published in Onya Magazine on December 1st, 2011. 

Over the past couple of days, Miranda Kerr’s image, and our perception of her, has been questioned online. An article published in New York Magazine has spurred on a couple of other articles, suggesting and finger-pointing accusations at Miranda Kerr.

So we’re clear, this is not one of those articles. I will not link to them – if you’d like to read them, may I suggest tracking them down yourself.

The general gist of them is that Miranda Kerr is a vacuous, hypocritical idiot, one that is deceiving us.

If Miranda Kerr is lying to us, it doesn’t faze me. Because even if she’s a ball of lies, her faux-message is better than so many true and honest ones presented by models and celebrities alike.

Miranda Kerr is a wife, mother, model and businesswoman advocating a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. She’s a daughter and a sister, with a wholesome image.

My question is: what’s the problem with that?

I’ve not seen a photograph of Miranda Kerr falling out of a cab at 3am, high off her head. I’ve not seen one picture of her sans panties dancing on a podium at a nightclub with the remnants of coke lining her nostrils.

I’ve not seen her drunk behind the wheel of a car, or being abusive, or advocating bitchiness or sensationalist rubbish.

If the biggest problem we have with Miranda Kerr is that she is promoting self-love, a healthy body image and positive thinking, with some family values thrown in, then we really do have a problem.

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2 thoughts on “Miranda Kerr – It’s Not Her, It’s Us

  1. If the quotes attributed to Miranda Kerr are an accurate representation of the kind of stuff she usually says, then yes, she’s probably a bit of a vapid idiot. Do I care? No, because she’s a runway model. I really could not care less what a runway model has to say about anything important.

    I can’t believe the NY Mag would go out of its way to single out one silly celebrity from the hundreds of superficial stars who all craft their images to get famous and make money. I can’t believe Australians get so upset about this, either. Most celebrities “lie to us”. Sorry, but if anyone isn’t aware of that, they’re living in some kind of delusional utopia.

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