On Reflection…

I don’t often think of all that I’ve achieved (so far) with Onya Magazine; how far it has come in such a short time, how the readership has grown, the kind of content we deliver, the networks I’ve made, how it’s expanding, the success we’ve had…I’m often too busy working on it, rather than thinking about it. And it’s usually only when people say wonderful, and nice, and inspiring things to me, that I realise all that I’ve achieved. And only then that I take a moment to pause, and reflect.

And when I do, I almost well up. Because I think of the random emails and tweets of sheer love that have been directed at my little dream. I think of the letters (yes, we get them. Actual hand written notes. It’s precious). But most of all, I think of my team. My small, incredibly talented, amazing team. In my rare moments of reflection, I think about how lucky I am to be able to work with such an awesome bunch of people, and beyond that, how lucky I am to just know them. To be one part of their big lives. To be able to help them get one step closer to their dream.

The truth is, they are probably the aspect I am most proud of about my Onya journey so far. Individually, they are pretty high achievers. Collectively, they are the difference between Onya being exceptional or mediocre. They are refreshing. And funny. They are dedicated to what they do, and how they do it. They are passionate. They are informed. Educated. Polite, but punchy. Charming, but honest. And what I realised is that they inspire me. And help me. They make me want to do and be better, with Onya, and within my life. They make me want to be a better leader, and Editor.

But most of all, they make me swell with pride.

7 thoughts on “On Reflection…

  1. You are gorgeous Sandi and have a hell of a lot to be proud of! Glad to see you are reflecting on all your achievements and giving yourself a big pat on the back. You deserve it. xx

  2. In reflection we are often afforded the real opportunity of seeing the ‘bigger picture’.
    And the bigger picture here is that an inspirational leader always provides the foundations for an inspirational team.

  3. Absolutely beautiful post Sandi! You should be so so proud of all you have achieved- it’s amazing, and a true inspiration. I feel so honoured to be a part of the Onya team and count you as not only an amazing mentor but a new friend. Thank you for giving me the opportunity! X

  4. Great post Sandi. I often feel the same way in relation to being so busy actually working on things and doing things that I forget to take a moment to reflect on the efforts of all my hard work. Am thinking I should take a feather out of your cap and do the same…
    Love that last pic of us all. Good times x

  5. Sandi I love your passion and your inspiration! I love Onya Magazine for its content. I can’t wait to see it in print! I love that I met you because of Onya!
    May your little dream continue to grow x

  6. I know I am a little slow to catch up with this one, but thank YOU for being such an inspiring leader, for giving people with no experience and a dream a go, and for always being positive, enthusiastic and wonderful. You are the reason the writers are as amazing as they are – your dream gives us reason to be here. Success is only a sidenote to your happiness and achievements. You made this happen and should be very damn proud of yourself. I am proud just to be a little part of it. Xxx

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