Tea Tastes Nicer…

My Mum has always said that tea tastes nicer out of a fine bone china cup, and that anything tastes nicer out of real crystal.

And she’s right.

Whilst huge chunky ceramic mugs are sometimes called for, they do nothing for the taste of tea – which is undeniably nicer from a good quality cup.

4 thoughts on “Tea Tastes Nicer…

  1. I absolutely love tea too. I’m a British woman living in Thailand and I have to plentiful supplies of tea. The right mug is essential: I often stand in front of my cupboard considering which mug I’ll use. And yes, bone china is best.

    What I’d like to know though is how do you make your tea?

  2. I use bags a lot – herbal, organic, unbleached tea bags. And I also use loose leaf tea in a one cup teapot. Or a bigger teapot when I have guests. I only add a dash of milk with black tea, and never sugar.

  3. I just love a nice cup of tea. I actually have my very special brand of ginger tea imported from China (for when I’m feeling the yearly winter cold coming on). Ahh…lovely. 🙂

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