What I Realised Tonight…

  • VIP. An acronym so fierce it brings out the worst in people. Whilst it’s nice having those little letters on a ticket (I sure don’t mind them) it’s also not a signpost of being ‘someone’. Everyone’s someone. Perhaps, for some people, Vile Irritating Person is a much better definition of VIP.

Tonight, I went to the Designer Series 2 Runway Parade, as a part of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. And not because of, but rather in spite of doing so, I realised a lot of things about myself. And other people. Things I knew, but maybe didn’t recognise.

And I’m not sure why tonight, of all the nights, of all the years, this realisation struck me, but it did.

  • I realised that I’m not interested in standing out of the crowd because of the label on the inside of my dress. Or because of the size of my waist. Or the length of my hair. Or because of my seat number. I’m far more interested in standing out of the crowd because of the content kept between my ears. Because of what I do. Because of how I do it. Because of what kind of person I am.
  • I realised that the only time I ever care about being in the front row is when my husband’s on a stage, singing into a microphone, with a piano under his fingertips or a guitar in his arms. Anything that is not that, is, quite simply, not that.
  • I realised that smiles are facetious. None of the ones I got tonight bore any resemblance to the ones my dad shoots my way when I walk through his door for a visit. None of them come close to the ones my four year old nephew beams after playing tiggy, or wrestling on the couch. They are not filled with love or wit or admiration or cheek. They are hollow and devious and full of plots and plans.
  • I realised that looks will only get you so far. The title on your business card will only get you so far. But the talent that you have speaks volumes. It’s about doing, instead of being. Using it, instead of showing it.
  • I realised that most ‘things’ in life are overpriced. That true quality can’t be bought, it’s made, and you can’t put a price on things that are made. Nor can you place a value on things that matter – maybe not most of all – but in making your night just that little bit better;
  • driving on an open road, music bouncing around your car, spurring you on,
  • falling into a warm bed, wrapped in the arms of your lover,
  • hot tea in a big mug,
  • toast with honey and cinnamon,
  • your feet sliding into ugg boots on a cold night
  • I realised that glamour can only be had when you’re truly happy and content, and that nothing’s uglier than pretending to be so.

I realised that style lasts. Substance endures. And everything else just ends up in a pile on the floor, or filling the inside of a bin. And you make the choice as to where you want to go. Because of what you do. Because of how you do it. Because of what kind of person you are.

15 thoughts on “What I Realised Tonight…

  1. Love it…You are always spot on with your blogs!!
    As parents we have the responsibility to teach our children these values and how to judge people on their character and not their appearance…Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks gets quite a run in our house!! My favourite line “I have a dream …. where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Although King aimed it at eliminating racism, I think it can also be applied to other aspects in our society.

  2. Well said!
    I guess we just simply forget that is an “ego game” that is so often being played and when we decide to abstain from the game for a while, we get a chance at experiencing real value..

  3. Yes! Revel in this discovery – hold tight to it, and always remember it. I’m aware of how cliche this sounds, but these realisations guarantee you a seat in the front row of human existence. x

  4. I’ve just reread this piece for the second time today. I love it!

    It’s filled with many truths which take some a lifetime to learn and to discover. How fortunate you are to have discovered these now!

    I couldn’t agree more, most ‘things’ in life are overpriced and smiles are facetious.

    I aspire to stand out of the crowd because of what kind of person am I.

    Such a great piece Sandi x

  5. Thanks for all the comments dear readers. I’m kind of astounded my thoughts resonated with so many of you. Which only proves to serve that people love real and honest over fake and untruthful…any day of the week.

  6. As I scanned hundreds of blog posts on my Google Reader using free wifi in our hotel room, I stopped to really read yours. Twice.
    Fashion Week events are fun, exciting and glamourous until you open your eyes and LOOK. Unfortunately a lot of the industry’s followers judge each other based on labels, money and ‘the right look’ not on their talents, individual style and achievements (let alone intelligence). It is such a shame because there are so many of us that adore fashion but tend to shy away from the materialistic culture of it all, wanting instead to keep our self esteem and own opinions.
    Wonderful and honest post Sandi. xx

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