Mad January.

Much like AFL players celebrate Mad Monday at the end of a football season, I celebrated Mad January after the end of a big 2009. Post Christmas and New Years there were a lot of things to do, and places to be, and dinners to enjoy, and people to catch up with. And on it goes.

2010 started with a bang for me. Quite literally, a bang. In fact, lots of bangs. From hammers and crowbars. Three days into 2010 my fiancé and I were standing in a beautiful old house from the 1940s, covered in dust and plaster remnants, and wondering how the hell we were going to turn the place around in three and half months and make it our home. Even now, a month on, we still wonder the same thing every now and again, but we can see the final picture (in our minds at least) and it looks good.

So, between renovating, planning our impending wedding, and gearing ever so slowly back into all the Onya Magazine work, January was mad. And that’s not even including all the aforementioned parties and dinners and drinks.

Now, sweet February has arrived and bought with it, albeit a diary full of scribbles and appointments, a sense of calm, purpose and dedication.

Taking a break, if you can call January that, was wonderful. But nothing beats being in the swing of it.

3 thoughts on “Mad January.

  1. Wow you did have a very busy January! Have fun renovating, hope you get it all done by the time you want it to be. I’m sure it will look fabulous!
    Best of luck for the rest of the year, Sandi…. I know you are bound for wonderful things! x

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